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In July 2021, we worked with Asian Girls Ignite and Slant'd on an new workshop called Representation Matters.


This FREE 4-day summer pilot program was co-designed with AAPI middle school girls for AAPI middle school girls. Why? Because their voice, thoughts, and creativity matter. Representation shapes how people are viewed by society and how they view themselves. Early experiences and exposure shape what people imagine to be possible. To see ourselves represented in different spaces and stories can inspire us to open doors for ourselves and others.

This program featured both in-person AND virtual events and was open to all Colorado AAPI rising 7th-9th grade girls.

Workshop participants:
- Explored the importance of representation
- Unleashed their creativity through story writing and improv
- Did fun, hands-on activities for community building
- Connected with AAPI women from various industries

Are YOU looking to host a specialized workshop utilizing our talented teaching artists? Contact us today to learn more about our process and offerings!

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